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Cancer Stick

Ok wow, I've not written anything in ages so I apologize profusely if this is bad.

This is just a short drabble to start off with from Reno's point of view. I might continue this into a full story (it was quiet fun to write lol) But we'll see 3

Dedicated to ~MySpazzyValentine for giving me the courage to upload this story C:

It also marks the rebirth of my Fanfiction.com account :)

Hope to see y'all there lol.

Reno + Rude + Cloud dont belong to me :C They belong to SquareEnix

My ma always used to say, its the people you work with that makes a job worth while, not the job itself. Didn't really understand her until I was recruited into the Turks.

I thought the Turks would bring about some immense adventure for me, something to make everything better for every one. How naive of me. I'm sat on the cliff edge over looking the remains of Midgar, once a smog ridden bundle of life which now bears only rubble and people trying their hardest to make do.

I would leave the Turks, leave ShinRa, go off somewhere to start fresh but I know that leaving is impossible now. If I tried to leave the Turks now then I would be 'taken care of' by the only reasons I get up to come to this job. I wonder how they would feel if they were told to take care of me? Tseng probably wouldn't bat an eyelash, always eager to serve. Eleanor, heh, she might get a little worked up but in the end, Tseng would convince her it was what was needed to be done. Rude, my partner, what would he do? Would he hunt me down? Would he let me off? Would he try to follow my lead?

Its hard to imagine his response. He's as loyal and trust worthy a partner as any one could wish to have. All ways putting up with my idiocy. But in the end, with ShinRa its annihilate or be annihilated. I suppose like all creatures, the feeling of self preservation would win over the other feelings.

Light footsteps behind me alert me to my partners presence, I don’t bother to turn around, instead I just carry on staring out over the spoilt city below. The footsteps stop next to me as he does the same, maybe he feels a touch of regret for the effect that ShinRa has. I pat my chest, feeling round for a cancer stick I know was floating around somewhere in this jacket. Finally I reach into my inside pocket, pulling the cigarette out and popping the end of it into my mouth before fumbling around for a lighter.

A hand appears near my head as Rude offers down the lighter, the small flame struggling to stay alive in the breeze. I smile up at him as I lean up to light the end. “You read my mind, yo.” Taking a large drag of the nicotine I sigh happily, watching the smoke dance through the air.

“You should give it up.” I hear him say from beside me, his voice as strong and clear as ever. “It’ll be the death of you.” A chuckle escapes my throat at the thought, it would be a more preferable death to the one I’ve been thinking of as late. Far below, I see a dust cloud streaming out from behind a speeding motorbike. It’s a good job we’ve got delivery boys like you Cloud.

I stand up, dusting myself off as I turn towards the stationary helicopter, kicking the dusty floor below me as I walk, hands deep in my pockets. Rude follows suit behind me, moving a lot more elegantly then myself. Surprising for such a largely built man really.

I take a quick long drag of the cigarette before letting it hit the floor, crushing it underneath my boot before opening the door to the helicopter. One day I might die, but at least it will probably be by my own doing and not at their hands.

“That’s exactly why I smoke, yo.”

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